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01. Turbofan


Most of today's airliners are powered by turbofans. Such engines have many components and we will focus on the components that are made using continuous fiber composites.


02. Feasiability and Resource

Complex geometrical shape made using composite require feasiability and resources estimation before proceding to invest in the resources

03. Hydrogen Tank


Going into green economy requires storing the H2 in lightweight and extremely safe tanks overboard. See how such a tank can be made with tape winding.


04. Thermoplastic

Thermoplastics, like metals, softening and melting as more heat is applied, and re-hardening with cooling.


05. Dry Fiber

RTM and VARTM require the placement of dry fiber without excessive manual labor. Addcomposites's AFP-XS is the first AFP being used for placing cross-weaved fiber tapes with a hot-air gun.

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 15.00.05.png

06. Snowboard Manufacture

The current manufacturing process is analyzed and compared to an automated approach using Addcomposites' solutions. 

3 sided layup.png

07. Hands-on Experience

Students were able to access AddPath during the COVID lockdown and further their education of advanced manufacturing technology. 


Case Studies


01. Energy

Manufacturing can be an energy consuming and can have high CO2 footprint. Performing LCA analysis to optimise the energy usage during production.

materil_savings 1.png

02. Material Saving

Less material used during the manufacturing not only saves material cost but also impacts the recycling cost. material saving study on different shapes, tape widths and planning strategies.


03. Skateboard

What if we could reinforce the outer surface of wooden core with the continuous fiber tape?


04. Aeroplane Wheel Well

Composites now forms 70% of modern aircrafts body. In the study we take spar cap as one of the example part and showcase the manufacturing process with resource estimation.


EU-funded project will be published here soon.

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