Our Mission

  • "Addcomposites aims to become the go-to provider of advanced manufacturing solutions that enable widespread adoption of composites."

Our Vision

  • "We design reliable and user-friendly advanced manufacturing systems that provide opportunities to integrate composites into your production. We regularly interact with our customers, listening to their feedback and creating a better user experience."

Our Values

  • Autonomy

    Fostering independent decision-making and focusing on freedom in the workplace

  • Curiosity

    Exploring new ways of thinking, processes, and approaches to solving daily challenges.

  • Inclusiveness

    Encouraging the respect and positive recognition of diversity in the workplace

  • Flexibility

    Giving freedom to work in the most comfortable manner to be more productive.

Addcomposites in Numbers

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Material Versatility
Françis Sedeilhan, Compositadour

The AFP-XS is a high quality, easy to use, repeatable system that quickly swaps over from a standard thermoset system to handle dry fibers and thermoplastics, seamlessly integrating with the humm3. This will enable us to further develop the fiber placement research and local SME activity at Compositadour. We are excited to collaborate with Addcomposites.

Smart & Compact AFP Tool
Cyran Le Guennec, IRMA

The AFP-XS is a smart and compact AFP process tool. IRMA has clearly found it useful for composite prototyping and custom production of material testing. AddPath offers a user-friendly interface for programming and simulating lay-up. The Addcomposites team clearly knows the way to properly meet the need of their customer at any time.

Efficient Integration
Rik Tonnaer, SAM|XL

Addcomposites has successfully and efficiently integrated their tool into an existing robot cell with a complex layout, and with much legacy equipment already integrated. We look forward to working with Addcomposites, continuously sharing knowledge at TU Delft.

Project Vision Alignment
Yoann Bonnefon, IND Group

IND Group has chosen to partner with Addcomposites with the goal of developing a complete composites manufacturing cell using the AFP-XS. It is the only fiber placement system that fit our requirements, and the vision was aligned from the start.

Improved Employee Safety
Jussi Valtonen, Exel Composites

Addcomposites was given the goal of improving employee safety by process automation. With their innovative approach, technical know-how, and professional communication, they have delivered the project successfully and in a timely manner.

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