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Additive Manufacturing for
Lightweight Structural Components

"How can we take bigger composites production projects with AFP?"

We produce high-quality composites part for the aerospace industry. For the bigger projects we need to scale and automate our production.


“How can we expand our offering to thermoplastic composites? ”

We are a reputed supplier of thermoset composites part and are expanding into thermoplastics which aims to offer our customers high-quality thermoplastics products.

"How can we explore AFP for Prototyping/Academic need?"

We have in-depth experience in composites materials and are setting up a new facility. We would like to apply for a new project/grant. 

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"How can we verify the manufacturability of our part with AFP?”

We are a creator of a new product who presently makes lamination by other techniques and would like to see if AFP can make it faster/cheaper.

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