The AFP-XS from Addcomposites is the quickest and easiest way to integrate automated composite manufacturing into your facility. 

Capable of handling various fiber and matrix materials, it is also one of the most versatile on the market.

The plug & produce capability allows for robotic freedom and enables short periods of runtime, without the need for making large infrastructure investments.


Automated Composite Manufacturing

The AFP-XS by Addcomposites is capable of producing composite parts using various fiber and resin matrix materials. Enforcing its position as an ideal addition to any facility supporting research and development of processes, designs, and new materials. 

AddPath OLP

Addcomposites has incorporated its user-friendly ideals into our software, which can be bundled or bought separately for your specific needs. Programming has never been easier, and it provides users with the ultimate i4.0 experience; from drag & drop programming to robot simulation with collision detection. 

Engineering Support

We collaborate with you to determine the best way to use our equipment for your specific use case. We will provide guidance for necessary adjustments when using different materials, troubleshoot any programming issues that may arise, and provide updates to both the software and hardware as they are realized.

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