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Composites have the capability to make the world a stronger and lighter place, however manufacturing composite parts is usually expensive and labor intensive. We believe that everyone should have access to the high standards of aerospace grade automation, without the aerospace industry prices. We provide a user-friendly OLP software, automated fiber placement (AFP) equipment, and engineering services to work with your design team, ensuring complete manufacturability.


Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) has become an increasingly popular method of manufacturing in composites R&D projects as well as production. In a process that was reserved for aerospace structures for more than two decades, more and more SMEs are able to gain access to the benefits of AFP, such as:

Improved safety

Higher throughput

Reduced costs

Choice of materials

3D capability

However, the physical tool is only half the equation. Programming the robot is done through a process called Offline Programming (OLP). A proper OLP software allows the user to visually and intuitively program the robot to perform the required task, as well as evaluate the outcome through animation with spacial recognition.


The AFP-XS by Addcomposites is capable of producing composite parts using various fiber and resin matrix materials. Enforcing its position as an ideal addition to any facility supporting research and development of processes, designs, and new materials; as well as the SMEs interested in incorporating AFP into their production. 

AddPath was developed in-house using the same methodology ​of the AFP-XS, with accessibility and usability as the primary requirements.

Select the mold surface and set your parameters, then run the simulation. Watch for any signals of collisions. 

Save the program and transfer it to the KUKA KR C4 controller. Select it using the KUKA pendant and run!

AddPath OLP


Addcomposites has the ability to support you on your journey of AFP implementation, from initial evaluations to cell integration. The support doesn't stop there, we are here for you if you have any questions about the system after installation.  

Cell Design & Integration

We will design a cell for your specific needs to make the most out of AFP-XS. We also install and integrate everything too, including the robot.

Design Analysis & Pilots

We know our tools thrive in R&D environments, so we are offering analyses and pilots for your unique application; from design analysis to material evaluation.

Educational Collaborations

The ease of installation and removal allows for the system to be employed for a semester, an academic year, or until further notice on a monthly basis.

Why choose Addcomposites?

Up to 350%

Faster material deposition rates

Up to 60%

Material waste reduction

100x Lower

Barrier to entry for an AFP system through rental

Plug & Produce

The only system that can be supplied separate from a robot, with a one day installation

Handle various materials

One system can handle dry fiber, thermosets, and thermoplastics

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