Case Studies of AFP-XS

Receive an estimate on how much you can save with automation

This case study shows the comparison between the average layup rates of one human laborer, our wet-layup and prepreg toolheads, and our automated tape laying toolhead; in pounds per hour. The grouping on the right is showing how much manual labor is needed to match the rates of our toolheads. An extra person would need to be hired to layup as much material as the wet-layup and prepreg toolheads, while four people would be required to match the layup rate of our automated tape laying toolhead. 

Upload the document(s) you wish us to perform layup time estimates for, along with a signed copy of our NDA, which is available for download, and we'll start calculating how much you could save!

Why choose Addcomposites?

Up to 350%

Faster material deposition rates

Up to 60%

Material waste reduction

100x Lower

Barrier to entry for an AFP system through rental

Plug & Produce

The only system that can be supplied separate from a robot, with a one day installation

Handle various materials

One system can handle dry fiber, thermosets, and thermoplastics

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