Upcoming Capabilities to AFP-XS Ecosystem

Updated: Nov 16


Addcomposites team has been working hard to bring the latest innovations to the AFP-XS ecosystem, while achieving our mission of making composites manufacturing automation accessible. The major concern is that 65- 95% of thermoset composites manufacturing is still done by manual labor, let alone meeting the growing demand for automated thermoplastic composite manufacturing. With the growing demand for composites from various industries, the time for manufacturers to start planning for the future is now. At Addcomposites, we believe the future of composites manufacturing is automated.

Listed below are the advancements coming to the AFP-XS ecosystem in the next couple of months.

Multi tow fiber placement with AFP-XS

Up to this point, the AFP-XS supported single tapes with widths ranging from 1/4" to 1". However for doing more complex shapes and steeper steering, narrower tapes are required. To keep the material deposition rates up, multiple tows are necessary. Starting in 2022, AFP-XS will be available in a 2-tow configuration, where the material source will be standard 1/4" bobbin material and will support both thermoset and thermoplastic materials.

AFP-XS hardware is available in various colors

In the visual world of social media, building your own brand identity is essential. Manufacturers promoting their work through these channels want to reflect these in the color of their tool. Starting 2022, AFP-XS will now be available in select colors to best match the manufacturer's brand. Send us your RAL code to determine the availability.

Online AddPath licensing

AddPath has been now adding value to more than 50+ users across the world. One of the major concerns we have heard is the license is locked to one PC. With the growing acceptance of work from home, users are not able to access their AddPath. Starting 2022, AddPath will be available in a cloud-based format. This will allow access to the AddPath license from multiple computers.

Data capture, logging in AddController, and visualization with AddPath

During the layup process, data i.e. temperature, pressure, speed, etc. is captured and reported in real-time. This data can be viewed during the process, but it is not stored for later processing. Starting 2022, AddController can come enabled with the capability to store the process data. This stored process data can be imported to AddPath for visualization and analysis.

AddComp is now online

Addcomposites along with Effman has launched the AFP cell solution called AddComp. AddComp is the complete solution offering for manufacturers and researchers, who do not have access to a pre-existing robotic arm. Read more about the AddComp solution here