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Upcoming Capabilities to AFP-XS Ecosystem

Updated: Nov 16, 2021


Addcomposites team has been working hard to bring the latest innovations to the AFP-XS ecosystem, while achieving our mission of making composites manufacturing automation accessible. The major concern is that 65- 95% of thermoset composites manufacturing is still done by manual labor, let alone meeting the growing demand for automated thermoplastic composite manufacturing. With the growing demand for composites from various industries, the time for manufacturers to start planning for the future is now. At Addcomposites, we believe the future of composites manufacturing is automated.

Listed below are the advancements coming to the AFP-XS ecosystem in the next couple of months.

Multi tow fiber placement with AFP-XS

Up to this point, the AFP-XS supported single tapes with widths ranging from 1/4" to 1". However for doing more complex shapes and steeper steering, narrower tapes are required. To keep the material deposition rates up, multiple tows are necessary. Starting in 2022, AFP-XS will be available in a 2-tow configuration, where the material source will be standard 1/4" bobbin material and will support both thermoset and thermoplastic materials.

AFP-XS hardware is available in various colors