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Reduce Carbon Footprint by Virtualized Production

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Why production trials are needed

Many designers and manufacturers go through the rigor of designing a part for manufacturability. However, a certain degree of trial are required to

  • Ascertain the manufacturing feasibility

  • Optimize the manufacturability of the design

  • Optimize product features to increase production rates

  • Optimize the production planning and material logistics

Carbon footprint by production trials

Pursuing all of the above requires multiple trials at different scales. Each of these trials not only slows down the developmental process but also accumulates material and other wastages. This results in an unsustainable process with a much larger carbon footprint.

Virtualized production

The concept of virtualized production has been around for a while. However, solutions for simulating additive manufacturing of composites have been very complex and expensive. As these trials are conducted virtually, they result in benefits like

  • Faster developmental cycle

  • Low / No material usage

  • Verification-to-production-to-quality tracking, all can be achieved in a single platform

  • Very low carbon footprint

Virtualized Production Example

In many composites product geometries, the manufacturer would encounter single or multiple bends/curvatures along the surface of the part. Below is a simulation conducted to demonstrate how the tape will be placed and how it will behave while passing over a corner compared to the straight portion of geometry. A strategy optimized at these levels can be applied to much bigger shapes with similar shape features.

How to virtualize production for your own parts?

At Addcomposites we offer two ways of doing so

  1. On your own: request AddPath and make your virtualized production trials

  2. With our support: Send us the part under NDA and receive a virtualized production video of your parts for presenting the outcome to your management.

About Addcomposites

Addcomposites is the provider of the Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) system. The AFP system can be rented on a monthly basis to work with thermosets, thermoplastic, dry fiber placement, or in combination with 3d printers.

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