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AFPnext: Grow your Manufacturing capability with Digital Automation

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

What is AFPnext?

AFPnext is our new program that provides SMEs with a high level of automation and connectivity at the scalability of 3D printers and the price point of a technician. The readily available system can be delivered within weeks, getting you up and running as needed. This program will enable anyone who is interested or already producing composites get started with AFP for no risk, as you can:

  1. Bid for high-value projects without already having equipment installed in your facility

  2. Create an ergonomic environment by automating otherwise strenuous layup tasks - either by direct part layup or creating preform kits

  3. Work from home by doing all the engineering, planning, simulation, and virtual production runs with the included OLP software and IoT connectivity.

  4. Verification of whether automation is right for certain composite parts

  5. Improvements upon existing production by optimizing selective/localized fiber placement: save material, save energy, save the planet.

  6. All of the above with a budget equivalent of hiring a new technician

What do you need to get started?

The main and only prerequisite is the presence of an industrial motion platform, this could be either a CNC router, ply cutter, or robotic arm. No platform? No problem! We also offer customized industrial cells to suit your needs. Just email our team, and we can get you set up according to your needs. Otherwise, the AFPnext includes everything to get started: AFP-XS head, OLP/simulation software, material for getting started, a helpful guide with video tutorials, and more!

How does the program work?

The process of AFPnext involves the following steps:

  1. Find a part or component that you would want to:

    1. Improve quality and digitize documentation & tracking

    2. Optimize the design

    3. Improve profitability per part produced

    4. Produce larger quantity using less labor

    5. Convert existing metal/plastic components to lightweight strong components

  2. Work with the Addcomposites team to virtually simulate the production and determine the feasibility, amount of material used, the time to layup, and any collisions/robot singularity for different configurations of materials and layup patterns,

  3. Choose a motion platform in your facility for mounting the automation hardware

  4. Order the AFPnext package to your shopfloor

  5. Plug-in the ready solution and get started in just a few hours

  6. Once the successful automation is implemented, dial up the speed for production runs and enjoy the show with a cup of coffee or tea

  7. Ship 10x more parts while driving costs down!

Applications of AFPnext in manufacturing

The fundamental goal of AFPnext is to increase access to advanced manufacturing by eliminating all the key risks to manufacturers. With greater access to advanced technology, we believe that AFPnext will unleash the full design and engineering capabilities of composite materials, enabling designer's and manufacturers' to go and build things currently beyond human imagination.

Applications of AFPnext on manufacturing

About Addcomposites

Addcomposites is the provider of the Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) system. The AFP system can be rented on a monthly basis to work with thermosets, thermoplastic, dry fiber placement, or in combination with 3d printers.


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