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How to Upgrade your AFP System with Filament Winding Capability?

Updated: Feb 11


This article discusses the similarities and differences between automated fiber placement (AFP) and filament winding technology and introduces AddPath software as a solution for converting an existing AFP system into a filament winding system. The article explains that both AFP and filament winding use multiple narrow tows instead of a wide tape, and that tension control is important in both technologies. However, filament winding has the ability to be programmed for winding, which has not traditionally been possible with AFP systems. The AddPath software allows for the conversion of an AFP system into a filament winding system, enabling the use of the system in a more flexible and efficient way.

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  1. Introduction

  2. AFP Process Description

  3. Filament Winding Process

  4. Limitations of Filament winding

  5. AFP Systems: Enhanced Filament Winding Systems with Increased Control

  6. Enhanced AFP Systems: The Advantages of Using Them as Filament Winding Systems

  7. Converting Your AFP System into a Filament Winding System: A Step-by-Step Guide

  8. Summing Up: How to Enhance Your AFP System with Filament Winding Capabilities


AFP Process Description