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Programming your robot for AFP has become user-friendly.

Program and analyze your layup in minutes.


AddPath Online is ready!

Open access 3D Composites Manufacturing on any computer

  1. Download AddPath and register

  2. Learn to create virtual manufacturing simulations

  3. Use and explore practical use cases

Step-by-Step Planning with AddPath

Step 1: Import and setup the Mold CAD

Design your mold for your product in any CAD software and bring it AddPath, by simply clicking import.

Step 2: Select Layup & Boundary Area

Imported geometry is auto exploded into surfaces for easing selection of layup and boundary areas.

Step 3: Define Layup Orientation

Choose your material characteristics from the library and simply enter fiber orientations, define gaps, and staggering strategies.

Step 4: Plan Automatically & Visualize

Click plan to automatically generates paths and provide layer-by-layer or pass-by-pass controls. 

Step 5: Simulate the Motion & Detect Collision

Simulate the entire layup in the cell and change on the fly mold positioning, orientations, detect collisions, and near misses

Step 6: Output the Program for the Robot

Click generate to get a ready program in the select robot language. Upload the program in a robot and let the AFP-XS automate your composite production!

AddPath Steps
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