Programming your robot for AFP has become user-friendly.

Program and view your layup in minutes, not hours.

Offline programming (OLP) is an industry standard in programming robots to perform complex tasks. A proper OLP software enables engineers to intuitively program the robot, visualize the process, and evaluate for any anomalies such as crashes, singularity, or over-extension. The software then exports the program into your specific robot's language, and once uploaded, the task is ready to be performed.

AddPath was built with the goal of accessibility and customization in mind, without compromising user-friendliness. The open platform allows for different material uses, layup techniques, fiber paths, and mold shapes to be used. AddPath is a plug-in for Rhino V6®, solidifying it's position as the ideal tool for universities performing research or companies looking for a quicker rate of return on your AFP investment. Let Addcomposites be your partner in enabling you to reach your R&D and production objectives.


Plan your layup in minutes by following the few simple steps below!

Import and position your mold

AddPath will include your specific robot, AFP-XS, and cell layout files. All that remains is to import and position the mold surface you will be laying up on. Layup on different shapes, including:

+ Preformed flats for later processing

+ 3D shapes to be cured directly 

+ Large shapes requiring your robot to be on tracks

+ Winding applications for pressure vessels

Customize your parameters

We know that AFP is becoming more and more experimental. That's why we are giving you the freedom to define your inputs for your specific processing parameters. You are able to define:

+ Material classification

Width of your material

+ Planned gaps between passes

+ Staggering of subsequent layers

+ Planned manufacturing excess for resin flow control

Visualize your layup

OLP wouldn't be beneficial if you weren't able to visualize your layup as one last safety check. Once the layup is programmed, AddPath creates an animation of your layup in order for you to determine: 

+ The time and material it takes to perform your layup

+ Whether or not there are any crashes

+ Whether or not the robot reaches any limits

+ The scale of the layup within the cell

Program and run your robot

The main objective of OLP is to program the robot outside of the cell. Once the visualization has been analyzed and approved, AddPath will generate the program in the language of your robot. 

+ Directly transfer the program from PC to robot

+ No programming experience necessary

+ Uses the robot pendent, no learning curve

+ HMI creates an easy-to-use manufacturing environment 



Each purchase of an AFP-XS includes one Professional license of AddPath, and up to three evaluation licenses valid until delivery. However, additional licenses can be purchased depending on your needs. The different options are below, and if you have special requirements, don't hesitate to reach out. 



  • Planning and robot simulation

  • Robot and tool file included

  • Upload and position molds

No maintenance options

Get acquainted with AddPath for 90 days with no risk.


Includes Lite options plus:

  • One year of support

  • Offline use

  • Lifetime license 

Optional maintenance after 1 year: 


For use in university labs or classrooms. Needs verification.


Includes Educational options plus:

  • Program generation

  • Your specific robot file

  • Your specific AFP-XS model  

Maintenance included for duration of active license

Get full access for the duration you need. Online use only.


Includes Evaluation options plus:

  • Lifetime license

  • Three years of support

  • Offline use

Optional maintenance after 3 years: 


Full access to AddPath.


Payments and update & support options are as denoted above. Optional annual maintenance contracts can be purchased after the support period ends. All Rhino V6 requirements are applicable to AddPath, however, AddPath requires Windows operating system.