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Leverage your composites manufacturing with on-demand AFP

AFPnext is an innovative offering that enables composites manufacturers to control how and when to adopt an advanced manufacturing system.

You can join the program monthly*, annually, and biennially. 

*Minimum of 6 months




*Can be renewed every year.

*2-year contract with an option to upgrade with a new contract.

AFP-Next Infographic (Final).png

Make components stronger and lighter for increasing efficiency and performance.

Get started with a virtual case study, proving manufacturing
capability and the outcome for your specific component. 

Decide which industrial motion platform is not being used to its potential, and the AFP-XS will transform it to a state of the art AFP cell.

production up to 10x over manual labor - including higher quality control and traceability. 

Complete the final touches and ship the products globally.

Hire industrial automation for monthly, annual, or biennial periods, reducing your overhead and enabling just-in-time manufacturing.

Take advantage of the plug-and-place capability of the AFP-XS to get started with manufacturing on the same day of arrival.

*Move the cursor to each step for more details.

Virtual Production

We will perform a virtual production simulation, based on your industrial motion platform, with your specific part and determine manufacturability.

Time Management

You decide how long you want to incorporate AFP into your production.

Plug-and-place AFP

Simply plug in the AFP-XS on the day of arrival and begin manufacturing.

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