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Automating the layup of advanced composites has never been easier.

Begin production on the day of arrival.

Implement aerospace grade manufacturing into your production line for the duration you need. The plug and produce methodology behind the AFP-XS allows for same-day installation, calibration, and production. Sounds unbelievable, and normally that would be the case, but the AFP-XS was designed for just that. This is the only AFP system that is capable of being employed for a single semester, for the duration of a specific project, or for continuous production.

Achieve high quality, repeatably

The AFP-XS takes the high standards of traditional AFP processes and shrinks it down to a size that is friendly for R&D projects and SMEs. Through our vigorous testing, we were able to achieve the following parameters:

+ Gaps between tapes less than 2 mm, with zero overlaps

+ Pass beginning and end within +/- 1 mm 

+ Consistent compaction eliminates debulking

+ Speeds up to 250 mm/s

Compact and versatile

A large part of the plug and produce capability of the AFP-XS is the fact that it's so compact and versatile. The benefits of these features can be experienced though the following:

+ Handle various fiber materials, matrices, and widths

+ Weighs only 15 kg without material

+ Mount to a wider range of robots

+ Dismount with ease, experience robotic freedom

One tool, different applications

Traditional AFP systems are designed to be used in aerospace applications for wing spans and fuselages. We want to bring this technology to other industries, enabling smarter manufacturing at all SMEs, including:

+ Space: dish antennas and satellite structures

+ Auto: door panels and spoilers

+ Marine: hydrofoils and bulkheads

+ Sports: snowboards and watercraft paddles


Different projects require different configurations to achieve the greatest success. This is why we designed the AFP-XS to be modular, swapping out a few components enables handling of different materials.

+ Matrix: Thermoset, thermoplastic, dry

+ Fiber: Carbon, glass, natural

+ Heater: IR lamp, hot air, humm3, laser

+ Aerial weight: 100-250 GSM

Fiber widths: 1/4", 1/2", 1". Others available upon request

Still unsure if this system is right for you? Contact us to perform a pilot project for further evaluation. 

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