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Fiber Placement

The pinnacle of structural additive manufacturing combines the ease of 3D printing

Single-tow Automated Fiber Placement

Our introductory and most modular AFP system - ideal for anyone looking to begin the journey into advanced structural additive manufacturing. Preferred system among technical centers and researchers, it best serves innovators who experiment with different widths and types of material. Manufacturers appreciate the freedom to cover larger surfaces, while not sacrificing the ability to layup on more complex shapes. 


Multi-tow Automated Fiber Placement 

Our production class AFP multi-tow system - typically used for achieving a higher production rate for complex parts. Bringing all the benefits of proven AFP-XS while adding additional material carrying capacity of up to 4x. The system is highly beneficial in the production environment considering continuous production on their shop floor with thermoplastic or thermoset materials.


Tape Winding


Extending AFP-XS capability, the tape winding offers the capability to tape wind and filament wind objects e.g. Hydrogen tanks, booms, tubes, and fittings. The system works across the material line from Dry fiber, Thermoset, and Thermoplastic, providing great freedom in research and development of the initial process. 

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Structural continuous fiber additive manufacturing

Our solution to the growing requests of continuous fiber additive manufacturing - quickly create and print high quality, structural components. Eliminate the need for additional steps of reinforcing by incorporating continuous fibers throughout the printing process. May be used in combination with any of our AFP systems for added localized strength.

Options to start with AFP systems

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Specifications about AFP systems

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Tape Winding
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