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e-training: Composites Design, Manufacturing, and Business

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

How we learn about composites and light structures design has changed drastically be it due to Covid-19, zoom classes, or open-access software, This article focuses on the transition and elaborates on the new way of learning called e-training. Let's dive into it!

  1. COVID-19 acceleration

  2. Composites classes to Composites e-learning

  3. Paid classes/tutorials

  4. Free classes/tutorials

  5. Why e-training

  6. Composites e-training

  7. Scope

  8. Design to make

  9. Tooling design

  10. Production planning

  11. Evaluation and changes

  12. Virtual testing

  13. Business case

  14. Benefits of Composites e-training

  15. Support from Addcomposites

COVID-19 acceleration

Since the start of the pandemic, colleges have to shut down and students are forced to study from home. This has forced the teaching curriculum to be updated on the go and do what is possible from home. Online teaching has now come to a point where we start to feel comfortable. Online teaching has already been educating in the third-world countries way before the pandemic, due to the high accessibility and low cost of distribution.