At Addcomposites, we truly believe in composites as the material of the future but also acknowledge the current issue of high costs. We believe composites will be the future material of choice by offering affordable automated manufacturing. This is why we have developed the affordable fiber placement tool head AFP-XS along with our 3D composites manufacturing software AddPath.

Using AddPath, the design engineer can now turn a CAD model into a fully planned and automated layup in a few steps. The software allows for controlling parameters like fiber orientation, allowed gaps, etc., and the ability to add reinforced areas or suppress specific tool paths. The software is not strictly designed for the AFP-XS tool head but is made open for you to control the tool head you desire. AddPath is agnostic to various machines and tools, and the goal from the beginning was to create an open development platform for the advancement of composite manufacturing.

Installing AddPath

Please follow the following steps

1. Install Rhino installed on your PC. Presently AddPath is only supported on Windows devices.

2. Download AddPath here and install and run the .exe file, as a normal setup file.

3. As you open Rhino, you should be prompted for the license, Please choose online and register for the license. The license should be live within a few hours!

Resources to get started

We have also provided the necessary files to create a robotic cell which can be downloaded from this Dropbox link, which contains the:

  • Standard KUKA robot files
  • Standard AFP-XS tool file
  • Standard AddCell file
  • External axis files
  • Sample mold files
  • Sample project files

Recent updates

Addpath Tape Winding

Mastering Composite Defect Detection with AddPath: Streamlining AFP Processes Through AI

Setting up the AddPath environment

Here is a quick video on how to set up the robot and base

Planning a flat layup

here is a quick video provided to guide you through making a flat layup

Other resources

  1. Follow the 25 minutes video that guides you through- Workflow under AddPath- Planning, Simulating, and Program generation for flat plates- Planning, Simulating, and Program generation for the curved shape
  2. Step by step process to make jet engine blade link
  3. Things to consider while designing for the AFP link
  4. Course: Composites Basics
  5. Planning for RTM with AFP Link
  6. Example projects as shown below


Please let us know at addpath@addcomposites.com if you have any questions!

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