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Course: Composites Basics

Updated: Nov 16, 2021


This brief course on composites is divided into 4 fundamental blogs covering a history of composites, introduction to composites, fundamentals of composites manufacturing, and their application in the present day.

Quick overview of the course

Composite materials are ready to meet the demands of the modern world, including groundbreaking vehicles and aeronautical designs, which require ever lighter and stronger materials. Commonly associated with carbon fiber, composites are a combination of two materials to form a reinforced polymer with properties that would be hard to produce with a single material alone. The resulting composites are durable and light. This course teaches the fundamentals of composites, including their history and applications.

This blog covers the history of composites, from the early days of inception to growing usage.

This blog introduces composites in very simple language including fiber, matrix. It also provides an understanding compared to metallic materials in terms of strength, stiffness, and cost.

This blog covers the fundamentals behind any composites manufacturing process including

This blog provides recent examples of composites applications covering

The purpose of the course

This course is created by Addcomposites with an intent to create awareness about composites. All the information used is gathered from various sources (linked) and presented in a quick and understandable format.

About Addcomposites

Addcomposites is the provider of the Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) system. The AFP system provided by Addcomposites can be rented on a monthly basis to work with thermosets, thermoplastic, dry fiber placement, or in combination with 3d printers.


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