Let Addcomposites work with you during your AFP implementation


We have the tools and know-how to take you from concept to production, and beyond.

Addcomposites wants to be your go-to provider of AFP equipment, and that means being able to validate your idea, help with cell design and installation, and support you for years after the sale. Since our inception, we have been constantly learning everything about automated manufacturing in order to better support your goals; from research and development projects to production environments. Reach out today to get started on your conversion to AFP.

Cell Design & Integration

Addcomposites can design cells for your specific AFP needs. As KUKA integrators, we can get your cell set up with the efficiency of a third party integrator, all in a nice bundle.

Alternatively, our partners in Québec, Canada design easy-to-install manufacturing cells, incorporating the AFP-XS to complete their offering of an all-in-one composites cell. Visit IND Group to learn more about how they can help you get started with Lean Robotic Manufacturing through their uComp product line. This project is still ongoing, but it's never too early to begin planning for your facility improvements.


Evaluation & Pilots

When determining if an automated fiber placement system is the best investment for your facility, there are many options to consider. Our customer focused team is available to help you decide which option is right for you, no matter the outcome.

The transition to any new system doesn't come without obstacles. We are available to answer any questions that arise; before, during, and after implementation. 

We're here to increase your research capacity and opportunity for industrial collaboration. 





Thermoset Resin

With increasing incentives to become more environmentally friendly, new material is being constantly developed to increase recyclability and reduce the strain on the environment. Carbon fiber is very energy intensive to produce, so more and more research is focused on bio-based materials, such as natural fibers and bio-epoxy. 


Educational Collaboration

Addcomposites works with universities providing rentals for the duration of a semester or a student project. Some recent projects Addcomposites has collaborated in were performed with students from Tampere University (FI). See some of the student projects below. 

Snowboard Manufacture

The current manufacturing process is analyzed and compared to an automated approach using Addcomposites' solutions. 

Hands-on Experience

Students were able to access AddPath during the COVID lockdown and further their education of advanced manufacturing technology. 

Tampere Composites Hack

Tampere University was able to team up with local companies of all sizes to give their students experience in industrial collaborations.