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Compact Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) Solutions

Simulate your part/component
Find a suitable AFP system for your need
Set up safety/supporting equipments for your manufacturing
Support and maintain the system during your manufacturing

Fiber Placement (AFP) systems

The unique plug-n-produce compact tool can either be integrated into most preexisting industrial robots or supplied as a complete cell solution to works across the material line from thermoset, dry fiber, and thermoplastic. The tool is on sale as a full package and available for leasing on a monthly basis.

Fiber Placement

AFP programming and simulation software allows visual programming of the robot which performs the required tasks and evaluates the quality of the products. The software is available for 3D Printing, Tape, and Filament Winding.


Complete cell solution tailors for composites
manufacturing with required safety/supporting equipments for your automated fiber placement operation.

Robotic Cell
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