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Course: Composites Structure Maintenance

Updated: Nov 16, 2021


Learn about composite structure maintenance starting with testing, understanding the damages and their repair methods.

Composite manufacturing is commonly associated with carbon fiber processes, composite manufacturing combines two materials to form a polymer with properties that would be hard to produce with a single material alone. The resulting composites are durable and light. Composite manufacturing is ready to meet the demands of the modern world, including groundbreaking vehicles and aeronautical designs, which require ever lighter and stronger materials. With more and more composite structures getting used in various industries, knowing how to inspect them for damage is an important topic. Not only are there more composite parts, but in a case such as the planes, essentially the entire body structure is made from advanced composite materials. This course teaches the fundamentals of Non-destructive testing methods, detected damage types, and repair methods.

About Addcomposites

Addcomposites is the provider of the Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) system. The AFP system can be rented every month to work with thermosets, thermoplastic, dry fiber placement, or in combination with 3d printers.


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