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What is AddPath: Ultimate Solution for Precision Path Planning and Digital Twin

We're excited to present AddPath, our proprietary offline programming software, engineered specifically for our AFP-XS. Crafted by our dedicated in-house team, AddPath is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for your path planning needs.

With its ability to read CAD surfaces, input a variety of parameters, and provide visual notifications, this tool is instrumental in streamlining the fiber placement process while giving you complete control over all relevant functions.

Unleashing the Power of AddPath

With AddPath, you get to drive the car. How does it work?

  • Reading CAD Surfaces: AddPath can effortlessly read CAD surfaces (.stp/.step/.igs), including layup and boundary information. This enables you to apply tapes in specific areas and orientations, maximizing the properties of your fibers.

  • Parameter Input: You can input a variety of parameters as per your requirements. This includes the layup area, fiber orientation, number of layers, material weight, and more. Plus, you can control robot speeds, acceleration, heater intensity, and other trigger points.

  • Visual Notifications: Once you've defined all variables, AddPath will animate the planned layup, and visually notify you of any errors during the process. It also reports critical information such as the time and material required to complete the layup.

Benefits of Using AddPath

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