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Tape winding with AddPath: Thermoplastic, 3D printed mandrels, Thermosets

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

AddPath tape winding module is now live and allows tape winding over axis-symmetric, non-axis symmetric and 3d printed closed shapes.

Tape winding is the process of placing the thermoset/thermoplastic tapes on a closed shape while applying pressure and heat with IR / humm3 / laser.

The key benefit of tape winding

  • Selective reinforcement: Places reinforcements where required, saving material and producing 50-70% lighter parts. Can be used to reinforce specific section for mounting additional components.

  • Very cost-efficient with 70-95% automated process: A single operator can make many parts simultaneously, reducing the labor cost of each part.

  • Wide range of part sizes: The process can be scaled for smaller/larger diameters with shorter/longer lengths of closed-shapes.

  • 3D print the strongest flexible shaft design: Break the conventional circular mold and bring about additional flexibility by 3D printing the mandrel and providing internally grooved shafts, enabling the best in class flexibility with the highest torque transfer.

AddPath license is accessible to all, you can request the license by filling out the form here.


Addcomposites is the provider of the Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) system. The AFP system can be rented on a monthly basis to work with thermosets, thermoplastic, dry fiber placement, or in combination with 3d printers.

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