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Future of Composites Manufacturing: Addcomposites' Plug&Play AFP, Filament Winding & SCF3D Printing

The AFP Systems

Addcomposites offers a range of Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) systems, each with unique characteristics and benefits designed to meet the varying needs of research centers, composite manufacturers, and technical centers. Here's a breakdown of their versatile AFP systems: AFP-XS, AFP-X, and SCF3D.

AFP-XS (Single-tow Automated Fiber Placement)

The AFP-XS is the introductory and most modular AFP system from Addcomposites. It's an ideal starting point for those venturing into advanced structural additive manufacturing:

  • Modular system: This system is highly adaptable, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

  • Versatile material handling: The AFP-XS supports experimentation with different widths and types of materials, offering flexibility for innovation.

  • Ideal for larger surfaces: Manufacturers can cover larger surfaces without sacrificing the ability to layup on more complex shapes.

  • Preferred by researchers: The system is a favorite among technical centers and researchers due to its versatility and modularity​1​.

AFP-X (Multi-tow Automated Fiber Placement)

The AFP-X is a production-class AFP multi-tow system designed for achieving a higher production rate for complex parts:

  • Increased material carrying capacity: The AFP-X carries up to 4x more material than the AFP-XS.

  • Continuous production: This system is highly beneficial in production environments that require continuous operation.

  • Versatile material compatibility: It works well with both thermoplastic or thermoset materials.

  • Enhanced productivity: With all the benefits of the AFP-XS and additional capacity, the AFP-X is designed for higher productivity​2​.

SCF3D (Structural Continuous Fiber Additive Manufacturing)

The SCF3D is Addcomposites' response to the increasing demand for continuous fiber additive manufacturing. It's designed to quickly create and print high-quality, structural components: