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Thermoplastic: A suggestion to begin your composite manufacturing journey

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

How many times have you run into situations where you say, “I work with composites”, and no one knows what that means? Not only to friends and family, but even many mechanical, structural and automotive engineers don't know much about composites, let alone start using them in their work. 

Composite Dream

The dream of bringing composites mainstream has been brewing since its commercial inception in the 1960's. Composites have always been the wonder material that is going to disrupt the manufacturing industry next year. However, the reality has been a slow realization and adaptation, as composites are still very limited in their application and general knowledge across the industry.

The 3D printing dud and 3D printing composite miracle

Starting with major hype in 2009, 3D printing was assumed to be the manufacturing of the future, However, we ended up mostly printing toys with an even cheaper 3D printer in the race to the bottom of quality/cost.

However, after the hype died down in 2014, real applications started emerging, starting with dentistry and machining clamps, etc.

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