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CDCQ installs AFP capability to help local businesses develop expertise

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

The Center de développement des composites du Québec (CDCQ) at Cégep Saint-Jérôme offers manufacturing companies a wide range of services tailored to their needs in the composite materials sector. CDCQ has been observing the growing trend in the usage of advanced composite in the non-aerospace industry and felt the need to build the technological know-how for the local companies to support this need.

CDCQ has acquired the Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) robotic cell developed by Effman with the help of the FANUC robot and AFP head from Addcomposites. The AFP technology enables layup of complex parts or preforms to be fabricated with aligned continuous fibers with very little manual labor. This new technology is intended to be accessible to SMEs.

Robotic cell developed by the Quebec firm Effman composed of a robot (FANUC), and an automated fiber placement head (Addcomposites)
Robotic cell developed by Effman composed of a robot (FANUC), and an AFP head (Addcomposites)

CDCQ has issued a local call to partners, where the partners can utilize the newly acquired capability to resolve their challenges, such as

  • Develop materials (tapes) with resins and reinforcements that will be adapted to the needs of non-aerospace sectors such as land transport, sports equipment, and industrial applications

  • Increase GSM of tape reinforcements, hybrid reinforcements, modified resins as well as for applications resistant to fire or to impacts

  • Make dry preforms for manufacturing by infusion molding or RTM processes

  • In collaboration with other centers work on the optimization of the mechanics of the deposition head and the trajectories of the robot as a function of the parameter of material characteristics


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