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Addcomposites Introduces Innovative High-Temperature Compaction Rollers for Advanced Fiber Placement

Helsinki, Finland - Addcomposites, a leading innovator in the field of automated fiber placement (AFP) technology and the most accessible automated fiber systems globally, is excited to announce the launch of its groundbreaking range of high-temperature compaction rollers. As a proud spin-off from Aalto University, Addcomposites has rapidly become one of the largest providers of AFP solutions, contributing significantly to advancements in composite material applications across various industries.

The new compaction roller range is specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of high-temperature applications, particularly in the processing of thermoplastic composites. Thermoplastic composite fiber placement necessitates uniform compaction pressure in high-temperature environments to ensure optimal bonding behavior and void-free outcomes. This is critical for achieving the desired quality and durability in the final composite structure.

Recognizing the challenges associated with high-temperature compaction, including the potential for reduced roller life due to prolonged exposure to extreme heat, Addcomposites has developed a solution that not only leverages advanced material science but also incorporates innovative cooling technologies. The company's new product line, available as both "Cold Compaction Rollers" and "High-Temperature Compaction Rollers," features customizable hardness levels and options for silicone-free and silicone-based materials.

A distinctive feature of these rollers is their active cooling capabilities. By default, the rollers are equipped with air cooling, with the option to integrate water cooling for enhanced temperature control. This bidirectional cooling system ensures that the roller material does not exceed critical temperature thresholds during operation, significantly extending the roller's lifespan and maintaining the integrity of the composite layout without any contamination.

Addcomposites is committed to enhancing the efficiency and quality of automated fiber placement processes. With the introduction of these high-temperature compaction rollers, the company is setting a new standard for performance and durability in composite material manufacturing.

For more information about the high-temperature compaction rollers or to inquire about custom solutions, please visit the Addcomposites website or contact the team directly at

About Addcomposites: Based in Helsinki, Finland, Addcomposites is the manufacturer of the world's most accessible automated fiber systems. A spin-off from Aalto University, the company has quickly emerged as a leading provider of advanced AFP solutions, delivering innovative products and services that meet the evolving needs of the aerospace, automotive, wind, marine, and rail industries.

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