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Our Facilities

The House of Application

A showcase and pilot project cell for prospective users. The House boasts of: 

  • A 6-axis robotic arm with automated fiber placement head for thermoset and thermoplastic operations allowing 2D/3D open shape layups.

  • A rotary axis for the tape winding tanks, pipes, and other geometries requiring rotation for the layup.

  • Humm3® heating technology for operating thermoplastic and dry fiber layups

  • Heated and vacuum bag enabled layup table with locating holes

  • Industrial cell safety as per ISO standards

The House of Automation

The design and construction of robotic system automation, controller components algorithms, sensor integration, and safety installations.


The House utilizes industrial PLCs and communication buses to develop the firmware, enabling the production and delivery of reliable automation systems. 

The House of Design

The design, product development, rapid prototyping, production, and assembly of each Addcomposites product are done here, where the solutions are customized to meet each customer’s specific application.


The House has state-of-the-art workstations, a great team of engineers, and production equipment operated by the designers. The designers have access to: 

  • 3-axis HAAS CNC machine, 5-axis machines, etc.

  • 3D printing for rapid prototyping

  • Complete wood workshop

  • Precision assembly tables, fixtures, and tools

  • Calibrated measuring and quality assurance tools

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The House of Digitalization

Where Industry 4.0 solutions that enable planning of processes in a virtual world and process data flow from system sensors’ into the simulation environment are realized.


The House helps ensure lossless data transfer, visualization, and quality reporting, enabling high-quality production with rapid quality control during processing without human intervention.

Other Facilities at Addcomposites

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