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Automation Solutions

Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Addcomposites has the knowledge to provide automation systems on various platforms

Customized Robotic Solutions

For all your robotic needs, Addcomposites has a solution. Incorporate a standard 6-axis robot for smaller and simpler components, or request a cell that has up to 8+ axes for your larger and more complex production.

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Gantry Fiber Placement (GFP)
Higher speed, higher accuracy AFP 

For the manufacturers who prioritize speed and accuracy over part complexity, Addcomposites offers 5-axis gantry based systems using the standard Siemens control units.

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Part-time AFP on a Cobot

Our take on the entry-level AFP technology - temporarily install an AFP system for university courses, short-term projects, or other applications. Leave no permanent scars after the system is no longer required.

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Options to start with Addcomposites systems

Check feasibility for free: Virtual study

Rent the systems through Leasing Program (AFPnext)

Do physical pilot at our or our partners' facilities

Get a quote for acquiring the systems