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AFP & OLP Systems

The smallest, most versatile fiber placement system. Ever.

Solutions for you

Our solutions help manufacturers to maximize their productivity by intuitive and efficient robot programming in tandem with the modular AFP-XS. We help technical centers and universities performing composites based research by offering unique value propositions via partnerships. Our leading OLP software provides quick and easy programming tools for multiple applications, saving time and money while maximizing the return on investment. 

How we work

Addcomposites wants to help you leverage the benefits of automation with state of the art equipment in four easy steps, no matter the size of your business. 


The plug-and-produce installation methodology allows for same day installation and calibration. Months long installation times are a thing of the past. 


The AFP-XS utilizes the robots parent code, resulting in a minimal learning curve. This allows the end-user to begin producing parts upon installation.


Programming with AddPath OLP   

is as easy as selecting the layup surface of your mold, inputting the fiber orientations, and uploading the resulting code to the robot. 


Working with Addcomposites creates opportunities for internal R&D projects and industrial collaboration with SMEs. Endless combinations of input variables

can be explored.

Our Offerings

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Fiber Placement

The stigma that AFP is only for aircraft is over. The AFP-XS is exactly what it sounds like: a compact and versatile fiber placement system.


AddPath was designed with the end-user in mind. It is no longer a multi-hour job to program a robot to perform aerospace grade AFP.

Cell Integration

Addcomposites now offers other services. Anywhere from cell design to material evaluation, let us help you achieve your goals.