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Programming your robot for AFP has become user-friendly.

Program and analyze your layup in minutes.

Step 1: Import and setup the Mold CAD

Design your mold for your product in any CAD software and bring it AddPath, by simply clicking import.

Step 2: Select Layup & Boundary Area

Imported geometry is auto exploded into surfaces for easing selection of layup and boundary areas.

Step 3: Define Layup Orientation

Choose your material characteristics from the library and simply enter fiber orientations, define gaps, and staggering strategies.

Step 4: Plan Automatically & Visualize

Click plan to automatically generates paths and provide layer-by-layer or pass-by-pass controls. 

Step 5: Simulate the Motion & Detect Collision

Simulate the entire layup in the cell and change on the fly mold positioning, orientations, detect collisions, and near misses

Step 6: Output the Program for the Robot

Click generate to get a ready program in the select robot language. Upload the program in a robot and let the AFP-XS automate your composite production!