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Addcomposites’ Adds Tape Winding Capability

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

At the Addcomposites facility in Finland, we have added the capability to perform tape winding. The main goal of this capability is to enable more pilot trials for manufacturers who are looking to validate the feasibility of production, or who just want to make something innovative to showcase to their customers/management on what they will be implemented in the near future.

  1. Shapes

  2. Tape Winding

  3. How to Get Started?

  4. How much would it cost?

  5. Where else can similar trials be conducted?

Enable complex shapes and product trials

  • Pressure tanks for storage of hydrogen, propellants, or compressed air

  • Tubes/ Pipes: for water, oil & gas

  • Structural components: booms, housings, grid structures, interstage

  • Axis-asymmetric parts: Ducts,

Why implement tape winding over fiber winding?

Making tanks/tubes with the conventional fiber winding process has been around for a long time, but with tape winding designers and manufacturers are offered a new level of freedom to:

  • Use non-geodesic fiber orientations

  • Add local reinforcements for inserts, mounting points, etc

  • Produce liner-less tanks

  • Use more sustainable/reusable materials like thermoplastic composites

How to get started?

To simplify the process of approaching Addcomposites with the project proposals, we would suggest reaching out to either Pravin or James. Some prior information is always be useful, and whatever you share is protected by NDA: