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Fiber Placement

The pinnacle of structural additive manufacturing

Combine the ease of 3D printing with the benefits of advanced automation and the structural integrity of composites

Small-scale, Single-tow Automated Fiber Placement

Our introductory AFP system - ideal for anyone looking to begin the journey into advanced structural additive manufacturing.


Part-time Automated Fiber Placement installation on a cobot

Our take on the entry level AFP technology - temporarily install an AFP system for university courses, short term projects, or other applications. Leave no permanent scars after the system is no longer required. Created in collaboration with Effman.

Double-tow automated fiber placement for complex shapes

Our intermediate AFP system - typically used for more complex shapes where independent fiber tensions are desired. 


Multi-tow automated fiber placement for complex ratios

Our most advanced AFP system yet - the four individually fed tows allow users to create highly complex shapes while maintaining efficient manufacturing rates.

Options to start with AFP systems

Check feasibility for free: Virtual study

Rent the systems through Leasing Program (AFPnext)

Do physical pilot at our or our partners' facilities

Get a quote for acquiring the systems

Specifications about AFP systems