Sports Car



Take advantage of automated composites production

AFP has long been associated with the aerospace industry, leaving other manufacturers to produce their products by manual labor. Addcomposites is seeking to change that.


The future of mobility relies on battery powered electricity. Reduce unnecessary weight by selectively placing carbon fiber in strategic areas and increase the range.  


Hulls, masts, and bulkheads are integral to a boats construction. Reduce the weight of your catamaran or sailboat to give your racing team an edge. Incorporate a 7th or 8th axis for larger components.


Look into NewSpce stuff? 


Easily design and fabricate a body panel replacement. Add reinforcement strips along doors to prevent dings, or create aftermarket components for the modding crowd. 

Sports & Leisure

Motorsports, board sports, and water sports can easily manufacture components from carbon fiber, while maintaining a quick ROI. Reduce weight and add stiffness to critical components.  

Natural Fibers

Become more sustainable by incorporating natural fibers in place of carbon or glass. Natural fibers boast their own advantages over carbon, such as dampening impact and reducing your carbon footprint. 

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