Cell design and integration for you.


We design and deliver complete manufacturing cells tailored for your AFP needs.

Manufacturing cells encompass all the equipment required during a specific process. A complete manufacturing cell includes not only the robot, a layup table, the end-effector, and the mold, but also the required safety equipment to ensure operator safety. Addcomposites is able to design, supply, and install cells specific for your manufacturing needs.

Define Requirements

Addcomposites will design and supply your manufacturing cell to the highest applicable safety standards, while suiting your needs. Whether it's a standard robotic cell or a Factory of the Future cell, we provide: 


+ Robotic manipulator

+ Safety enclosure

+ Fail-safe safety devices

+ Linear and rotational external axes (optional)

Cell v32_1.png
Visual Representation

We understand the importance of receiving 3D models of your equipment. Addcomposites will provide a CAD model for your benefits, including:

+ Robotic manipulator

+ Mounting infrastructure

+ Layup table (optional)

Simulation Loop.gif
Hassle-free Installation

Addcomposites provides detailed drawings of the cell layout. You decide whether to receive in-person or online installation services, including:

+ Cell dimensions

+ Robot position

+ Floor mounting points

+ Precise installation instructions

AddCell Example.PNG
AddCell in AddPath

Quickly import your custom cell to AddPath to view the layup at a real scale. Eliminate the surprise and increase your visualization experience. 

+ Interact with the cell

+ Hide different features

+ Access different viewpoints