Programming your robot for AFP has become user-friendly.

Program and analyze your layup in minutes.

Offline programming (OLP) is the industry standard for programming robots to perform complex tasks. A proper OLP software enables engineers to intuitively program the robot, visualize the process, and evaluate for any anomalies such as crashes, singularity, or over-extension. The software then exports the program into your specific robot's language, and once uploaded, the task is ready to be performed.

Import & Position Mold

AddPath includes your specific manufacturing cell, AFP-XS, and AddCell layout. All that remains is to import and position the mold you will be laying up on. Layup on different shapes, including:


+ Preform flats for infusion

+ 3D shapes of prepreg

+ Large parts

+ Closed rotational parts

Customize Parameters

The increase of AFP accessibility means that it is becoming more experimental. This requires full control of the different parameters to achieve success, such as:

+ Planned gaps

+ Pass suppression

+ Staggering

+ Manufacturing excess

Pass viewing.gif
Visualize Layup

OLP is designed to visualize layups away from the robot to prove functionality. Once programmed, AddPath creates an animation and runs an analysis, determining:

+ Required time and material

+ Any collisions

+ Any singularities

+ Real scale of layup

AddCell Example.PNG
Program and Run Robot

Once the animation has been analyzed and approved, AddPath creates a program in your desired robots language, whether it's KUKA, FANUC, or ABB. 

+ USB or wireless transfer to robot

+ No programming experience required

+ HMI creates user-friendly experience

+ Included in AFP-XS purchase