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Automating the layup of advanced composites has never been easier.

Begin production on the day of arrival.

Implement aerospace-grade manufacturing into your production line for the duration you need. The plug and place methodology behind the AFP-XS allows for same-day installation, calibration, and production. Sounds unbelievable, but the AFP-XS was designed for just that. This is the only AFP system that is capable of being employed for the duration of a specific project or for continuous production.

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High Quality, Repeatedly

The AFP-XS is derived from the high standards of aerospace quality, delivered in a package for SME's and R&D applications. Vigorous tests prove the AFP-XS offers:


+ Gaps less than 2mm, without overlaps

+ Pass beginning and ending within +/- 2.5mm

+ Speeds up to 1m/s

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Compact & Versatile

The Plug and Place capability of the AFP-XS is made possible by its size and versatility. The benefits of the system can be realized through:

+ Small size

+ 16.5 kg weight

+ Mounts to a wider range of robots

+ Dismount easily, experience robotic freedom

One Tool; Different Applications

AFP is traditionally deployed in aerospace applications for wingspans and fuselages. We enable smarter manufacturing for SME's working in different areas:

+ Space: dish antennas and satellite structures

+ Auto: door panels and spoilers

+ Marine: hydrofoils and masts

+ Sports: Snowboards and paddles

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Different projects require different configurations to achieve success. The AFP-XS is modular, swapping out components enables different material handling with ease. 

+ Matrix: thermoset, thermoplastic, dry

+ Fiber: carbon, glass, natural

+ Heater: IR, humm3, laser, hot air